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Client Portal Help

Client Portal Login Instructions

The website can be found here:

Username will be your email address.  Please use the "forgot password" link and use your email address in both fields if you have not received your password already.

Once logged in, please be sure to click your name on the upper-right of the screen to update your password and security questions (disregard this if you have previously logged in and changed your password).  

Navigation once logged in will be to the File Exchange (link on the left side) for uploading documents or to the folder with either your personal or business name to download tax documents uploaded by us.  If retrieving a draft of your return, it will be in the following path: “your folder” > draft tax return > 2018 and your “action items” will be in “your folder” > action items > final action items.  

Final action items will include a letter with instructions for anything that needs your attention, normally this is your “efile signature” pages that need to be printed and sent back to us and any payment vouchers that require your attention.  If you’d like to upload the signatures back to us securely, please print, sign and upload via the file exchange.  Additionally, you may print and email, fax or mail in a copy of your signatures.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

Tips for Uploading Your Tax Information

Some quick tips to make uploading all your tax information quick and easy...

Our goal is to make that process as easy as possible for you to upload your tax information.  Currently after successfully logging into NetClient CS you can click on File Exchange to upload your documents.  You will find a folder for either Business or Personal Documents as needed.  Remember that your account is based on your email address so you can have access to multiple folders if you own both a business and have a personal return.

To upload it is as easy as clicking the upload icon and Add Files.  After uploaded and email will automatically notify your Client Manager you have uploaded a file.  If a Client Manager uploads a file you will be notified.

Tips & Tricks:

  • You can upload multiple files at once.  Just click on Upload and Add Files then highlight all the files you want to upload with either CTRL and Clicking on each file or use CTRL A to highlight all files.
  • To take advantage of multiple file uploading we recommend you copy your tax files into one folder on your computer and then uploading that entire folder to NetClient CS.  (We recommend making a copy so you can keep whatever current filing system you use in tact).
  • When we process your return, we merge all files into a single PDF so there is no need to scan or label each file separately unless it helps you organize.
  • If you are uploading for multiple people or entities, then it is an option to load (on your computer) all files for each entity into a single folder (keep in mind, many subfolders will be difficult to merge) and then compress or "zip" that folder.  You can then upload that one single "zipped" file to keep the organization intact.  There is no need to have multiple folders created within NetClient using this method.  Please only upload "zip" files for this reason.  Again, having many subfolders will slow down the process of combining files into a single merged document for preparation.  
  • Be sure to remove any password protection on files you may have downloaded from your brokerage site or other secure sites.  Since NetClient CS is already secured this just adds another roadblock to finishing your return efficiently.
  • If you have a home scanner and paper documents, feel free to scan and upload those documents as if they were digital.  Scanning to PDF format and each set of documents as one file is the preferred method as it will lessen conversion and organizational time on our end. (all W-2 files in one PDF, for example)
  • If you do not have a scanner or don't have the time; please mail in your files and we will scan them for you.  Your originals will be returned after your tax return is filed.

How to Download Files

Depending on what file you are trying to access, downloading methods will vary.  Most tax return documents (drafts, K-1's, final tax returns) will be located in a folder with the appropriate name on your left navigation menu.  You can navigate into the correct folder and download your pdf from following the icons and prompts.

We look forwarding to working with you and providing more ways to make this process even easier.

Huey & Associates Team

If you have any challenges using the Client Portal please contact us at 703-437-6269 or

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