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Payroll Services

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You have grown your business beyond a one man operation into a growing business with a number of employees.   You're excited about the growth but now you have to worry about handling the paperwork like Payroll.   There are few more important or stressful areas in your business than payroll.  Your employees must be paid properly and on time, you have to file the correct forms with the correct entities on time and accurately and at the end of the year share the payroll information with the federal government, your state and employees.   Huey & Associates can assist you in initially setting up your payroll, provide Full Service Payroll, management of payroll, or just help you with the monthly and annual federal and state compliance.

Initial Payroll Setup

Full Service or Management of Payroll

Monthly & Quarterly Payroll Compliance

Annual Payroll Compliance (W-2 & 1099)